Company History

MKBLINDS is one of the largest window treatment companies servicing the Washington, DC market. It has been in business for over 70 years! Its company history speaks everything about its journey. Today the Company sells and installs thousands of shades and blinds each year to property managers, general contractors, architects & designers in the MD/DC/VA region.

In 1946, Mileham & King, Inc. was founded by William Mileham and Sylvan King. The company occupied a two-story building on 21st St. N.W. in Washington, DC fabricating venetian blinds and window shades. Its primary customers were home builders and apartment communities within the surrounding area. Operations continued in Washington, DC for many years until a fire occurred forcing them to relocate.

Shortly after the move, William Mileham retired and Sylvan King decided to sell his shares of the Company. In 1969, the construction of the Washington Metro Subway System required Mileham & King, Inc. to move once again. Looking for advancement in a competitive industry they chose Rockville, MD, a more suburban location providing an assortment of customers and new opportunities. In addition to home builders and property management industry, Mileham & King, Inc. began selling to commercial buildings, decorators, and residential customers.  In 1973, Dennis Speisman was hired by mkBLINDS as an office manager.  Later on, in 1979 he acquired the company and in 1985 relocated the company to its present location in Rockville, MD.  Dennis retired in 2015.

Today the company is owned by two partners; Jim Bendel and John Kenny.  Jim Bendel is the majority owner and President of the company and Josh Kenny (son of John) is the General Manager of the multi-million dollar operation.  The company’s mission is to focus on what we do best; provide the best service we can to our customers.  Custom window blinds and shades at an affordable price

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